Te Anau and the Sounds

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Starting the cruise of Milford Sound from here, known as Milford Wash. The journey through the Homer Tunnel was a bit nerve-wracking. It's only a single lane, and shows all of the tool marks made when it was made. We did see a Kea sitting on the roof of a bus while we were waiting for the lights to change (15 minute cycle).

Just left the docking area, this is the Wash.

First view of Mitre Peak

Entering the Sounds. This is really good weather. The sun was so strong that you HAD to wear sunglasses and sunblock. We were told that it rained about 35% of the time, winter or summer.

More of same, lovely



New Zealand fur seals at ease.

One of the side fjords. We stopped the engines here, and just drifted.
All we could hear was the sound of the native birds. Magic!

Loving it. We were just going under some immense waterfalls, hence the jacket.