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 People of New Zealand  

New Zealand is a beautiful country.  It has elements in its geographic makeup from all around the world;  Norway (Fjords),  Scotland (Mountains and Glens), England (flat, fat farmland), Switzerland and Austria (Mountain Lakes and Alpine), Bermuda (Sub-tropical beaches).
We've got glaciers, fjords, trout rivers, rolling hills, tranquil farmland, desert islands, majestic mountains, 15,134 km.of coastline, volcanos, thermal springs.
We see everyday a unique selection of wildlife and vegetation; Ponga ferns, Keas, Pukekos, Wetas, Giant Worms, Huhu grubs.
We experience a huge range of  weather and environmental effects; Sub-tropical heat, Snow-covered mountains, gentle breezes, 180 kph gales, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.
We enjoy sports of every description (and have invented most of the near-suicidal ones); Rugby, League, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Kayaking, Bungee jumping, Skydiving, Skiing, Mountain rapids surfboarding.
There are 4,260,000 New Zealanders, living in a country of  270,000 km2

The thing that makes New Zealand different from the other countries mentioned above is the people
In general, they are happy, polite, easy-going, competent, self-reliant and co-operative.
You really have to have lived here to realise how much you appreciate the high background level of happiness.
I've generalised, because like everywhere else, you will still find a few pessimists and the occasional antisocial bastard, but  they do not detract from the feeling of being surrounded by basically pleasant people.

Another major factor which is alluded to above, is the population density.
For NZ, it's 14.9 people per km2
.For the USA, it's 31 people per km2
For the UK, it's 246 people per km2

It means you can go to a major event, and not be swamped by people.
You can go to a beach, and easily find yourself the only person on the shore.
You don't feel crowded or threatened, even in the middle of town.
You get to know more people.
There's little if any class distinction.

All of the above may not apply to Auckland, simply due to the hugh numbers of people who are now living there.  (See Jafa)

Traditionaly, the Kiwi character is based on a rugged rural bloke, typified by the Speights advertising theme of "Southern Man"
Someone self sufficient, competent, reliable.
In reality, between 71% and 85% (depending on definition) of New Zealanders live in Urban, developed areas.
We're more likely to nip down to a cafe for a Flat White, rather than nip down to a paddock to de-tail some lambs.